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  • Quiet environment
  • No pollution
  • Near to healthcare facilities
  • Fresh Oxygen


Over the years, retirement homes have become popular among the elderly who prefer an independent and self-sustaining lifestyle. Assisted living has various benefits senior citizens can reap and retirement homes provide them all in a convenient manner. With the growth of this acceptance towards retirement homes, more and more seniors are now on the lookout for the perfect home to spend their golden years in, with the right facilities and in the right environment.

The location of a retirement home plays an important role in how well it pans out as the perfect home for senior citizens. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and functionally excellent, the actual location of the senior home determines the environment and access to important facilities, which is very critical.


Retirement homes are ideal for anyone over the age of 55 looking to lead an independent and high-quality life amidst like-minded individuals. Each resident is allotted a spacious villa that they can share with their family. The villas can also be customized as per their liking. The environment is sophisticated and the occupancy is based on permanent ownership. Old age homes, on the other hand, do not offer such flexible living options.

At Pavithram, we ensure that we provide an environment that is not just safe and secure but also calm and opt for senior citizens.


A pollution-free location is ideal when selecting your future home. As we grow older, the body’s capacity to tolerate pollution becomes meek. It is ideal that when looking for a retirement home, consider a location wherein pollution is at the lowest. This will not just help your body, but will also help relax your mind.

Coimbatore is one of the least polluted cities in the country. With minimal traffic and the outskirts of the city being scarcely populated, the city is one of the best places to consider when planning to retire. In fact, Coimbatore is the nearest city to Palakkad, Pollachi among others, making it the perfect destination to retire.


Another critical factor when choosing a retirement home is the proximity and ease of access to healthcare facilities. In any case, the location of the retirement home should be such that it is easy to access within a short time. In addition, it would be ideal if the retirement home also has an in-house medical center that can cater to medical needs and emergencies.

At Pavithram, we are tied up with the best hospitals in the city to give our senior citizens access to quality healthcare as and when needed. We also have a medical center housing trained medical professionals.


In the world that we live in, fresh oxygen is not a commodity but a luxury. But a good retirement home should be able to furnish its senior citizens with this luxury. Choose a retirement home that houses green plants and trees so that fresh oxygen is in abundance, and your lungs can reap the benefits of uninterrupted oxygen supply.

At Pavithram, we have a Miyawaki forest that provides fresh oxygen and eases the eye with its fresh green appeal. The Japanese forests are man-made and are known to be beneficial to the environment and the people around them.

Come visit Pavithram Senior Living and take a glimpse at the most awaited chapter of your life.