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Senior citizens are increasingly finding more solace in the concept of picking the best options to support their need for independent living. Baby boomers are continually looking for and embracing options to enhance their quality of life with various living options. Out of the many options that are open to senior citizens, the most common are apartments and senior living homes. While both these options are great, one needs to make informed decisions when picking a living arrangement in the long run.

Senior living homes have become a widely accepted living arrangement among senior citizens and this trend has become more prominent in the last two decades – especially in Coimbatore. But how beneficial is buying a villa in a senior living community over owning an apartment in a retirement community? Let’s find out.


Growing old is about reliving the old days and exploring new avenues. In an apartment setting, independent living is accompanied by loneliness, whereas in a villa situated in a senior living compartment, the essence of companionship is nurtured, friendships are built and connections are made. Companionship nurtures the mind and soul, keeping one young and happy at heart.


Owning an apartment means owning a space that is confined. Owning a villa in a senior living community means owning a piece of land along with multiple assets that come with it. For example, a villa at Pavithram Senior Living Community comes along with its own Patio, mini gardening space, and parking space on its own land. These are exclusive to the land owned and are better than the shared commodity in apartments.


Senior living homes truly define independence at its finest. Designed to support the concept of independent living, every aspect of these villas is crafted to ensure senior citizens enjoy their post-retirement phase the way they want. With thoughtful elements like grab bars in the bathroom for support, hooters to call for help when needed, and bath stools and chairs, the dependence on help is drastically reduced while convenience is improved. In addition, the land belongs to you, making the value appreciation of property a real possibility - a great investment in the long run.


Apartments are designed for a fast-paced life, but often this proves to be a disadvantage to senior citizens. Apartments can face power outages which means restrictions in access - one might have to use the stairs in case the lift doesn’t work, or get stuck in the lift in the unfortunate event of a power outage. Villas on the other hand do not require lifts as they are conveniently placed on the ground level, making it absolutely risk-free. A senior living community will take into account these factors before even planning the villa that is supposed to be a safe haven for senior citizens.

Senior living communities are becoming more common and embraced with open arms. With excellent facilities and thoughtful features, villas in our senior living community are a worthwhile investment for a bright and happy future.