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The world is moving at a rapid pace and urbanization is taking over even the once pristine towns in South India. A growing concern among senior citizens today is the depreciation of quality of life in towns and cities they once grew up in, and hopefully planned to retire. But growing population, pollution and ongoing issues make these places far from habitable, especially when looking for a peaceful retirement.

At Pavithram, we have constantly been monitoring the need for a safe community for senior citizens. After years of research, we understood that senior citizens are looking for community homes that offer the comfort of home, without the hassles of urbanization. Our senior living community is designed to fulfil the need for a comfortable retirement with the best of amenities, serene location and round the clock medical care. Nestled in the scenic outskirts of Coimbatore, just 30 kilometres from the Kerala, Pavithram Senior Living Community is becoming a preferred retirement destination for senior citizens in Kerala.

Though the city is the second largest metro in the state, the climate is surprisingly pleasant all year round making it the ideal destination for a peaceful retirement. In fact, patrons from Thrissur and Palakkad have polled, claiming that the climate in Coimbatore is much more pleasant than their hometowns. The level of pollution in the city is also extremely low in comparison to its metro counterparts.

Apart from the latest amenities, the European villas are designed to offer senior citizens a standard quality of life. Each aspect of these villas are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the residents. The community is also easily accessible by road, rail and air. The railway station and airport are well equipped and well connected to the other parts of the country. The senior living community is also in close proximity to religious hubs like the MeenkulathiBhagavathi Temple, Guruvayoor and Thrissur temples.

Pavithram Senior Living in Coimbatore,thus poses as an ideal choice for people looking for a quality senior living home while enjoying the benefits of being located near Kerala. The state of the art facilities and mindful amenities are bound to make your retirement phase a golden one.