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Coimbatore is famously known as the Manchester of South India owing to its excessive cotton and textile production is an up and coming hub for retirement homes in India. It is one of the few cities in the country which has several industries contributing to the economy along with tranquility in its lifestyle. People in general lead a very peaceful life and communal harmony is very high in the city. The people in the city are very friendly and treat everybody with utmost respect.

Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamilnadu, after Chennai and is one of the few cities in the country despite boasting a widespread industrial presence flaunts tranquility in lifestyle. Coimbatore is known for the peaceful landscape, communal harmony and the people who are renowned for their etiquette and respectful mannerisms.

As of 2020, Coimbatore holds a prominent spot on the list of places to retire in. The factors making Coimbatore a preferable retirement destination to the senior citizens are more than one. The city can be an excellent option for retirement and there are several factors contributing to it.

1. Weather

The city flaunts a very pleasant tropical climate all year round. The conditions are ideal for people of all age groups, especially the senior citizens. Neither too humid, nor to chill, the weather strikes the perfect balance to lead a peaceful life. The summer season lasts from March to May and the monsoons between October and November, the rest of the year is pleasant and balanced, making this the ideal retirement destination for the sophisticated lot.

2. Secure living

Security and safety are a major deal breaker for citizens of all age groups and more so for senior citizens. The city of Coimbatore by far is one of the safest cities in the country and boasts of a very low crime rate. Our senior living community is placed in one of the safest surroundings in the city and well within a gated facility to ensure safety and security at all times. The round the clock security is an added layer of safety we offer to all our residents, so they can live carefree, knowing they are well protected.

3. Healthcare facilities

Coimbatore is at the forefront of healthcare in Tamil Nadu, South India. The city boasts of state-of-the-art hospitals with elaborate infrastructure and dedicated Doctors providing world class treatment. Coimbatore is advanced in terms of medicare and is one of the best cities to settle down in if accessing quality and timely healthcare is a criteria for post-retirement living plans.

4. Water

One of the most notable features of Coimbatore is the abundant water supply from its many sources namely Siruvani, Noyyal and Athikadavu. With the big cities in India heading towards water scarcity, it becomes crucial to evaluate the choice of retirement homes. Coimbatore is one of the cities where water is in abundance and with multiple water sources to provide for the entire population, the city becomes an obvious choice to spend retirement life in peace.

5. Temples

Coimbatore is in close proximity to some very famous temples like the Marudhamalai Temple, Perur temple, Eachanari temple, Masaniamman temple, Ukkadam temple, among many others. Apart from the already mentioned temples, the city is a few hours from the Guruvayoor temple in Kerala and Pazhani in Tamil Nadu. The city is also famous for its many places of religious prominence, visited by millions every year.

6. Natural Surroundings

Though a city, Coimbatore is far from being yet another concrete jungle. The renowned hill station of Ooty is just 75 kilometers from the city by road and is additionally surrounded by the Western Ghats. A very picturesque view is accessible from most parts of the city, making it a one of a kind urban landscape.

7. Language and Respect

Coimbatore and its people are famous for their language and extremely polite mannerism. Generally soft spoken and respectful, the locals are very considerate. The rich culture comes through in the Coimbatore Tamil and is definitely an enjoyable trait to watch out for.

8. Airport, Railway

The city has a well developed International and Domestic airport with flights connecting to most cities in India. Flights are easily accessible as are trains. The railway station connects the city to almost all cities of the country with the best in class rail service managed by the Government of India.

9. Cost of Living

Living in Coimbatore is fairly inexpensive when compared to the other Indian cities. The cost of living in Coimbatore is a key factor that attracts people across the country to move here for education, healthcare, work and mostly spending a peaceful post-retirement phase.

10. Low pollution

Despite being the second largest city in Tamil Nadu and an industrial hub, Coimbatore is not as polluted as the other cities in India. With mindful consumption of resources and excellent processes in place, the city is a low-pollution city as proclaimed by many. The city is ideal for people who want to get away from the hustle bustle of the polluted cities and settle down in a more serene setting for a better tomorrow.

Moving to Coimbatore post-retirement is certainly worth considering given that the city ticks of all the right boxes for mindful living. The city is a growing hub for retirement homes owing to the favorable conditions ideal for senior citizens. Visit https://www.pavithramseniorliving.com/ to know more about spending your post retirement phase in Coimbatore.