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With the world moving at a rather rapid pace, concepts that were earlier brushed under the carpet are being embraced with an open mind and wide arms. One such concept is RETIREMENT HOMES. With growing awareness and excellent options available in the market, more senior citizens are exploring moving into a retirement home. With the growing population of the Indian senior citizens, it is only smart to consider a community where retirement period can be spent in ease. But how does this translate in terms of retirement homes as an investment?

They say that your retirement years are a golden period, and rightly so because this phase of life is meant to be spent in relaxation, doing what one loves. It becomes even better when one can interact with like minded people and discover a feeling of belonging. As life paces through, it becomes crucial to find people who are in the same walk of life, and a retirement home is an excellent place to find that feeling of belonging. Apart from this, there are numerous reasons why investing in a retirement home can be a great idea, irrespective of your age.

5 Reasons why Retirement Homes are a great investment

Excellent ROI

It is no secret that with each passing day, the price tag on properties keep increasing. Investing in an asset like a retirement home is not just a smart choice for today but an excellent investment for tomorrow with proven ROI. You can choose to utilise it in your retirement days, rent it out or decide to sell it later on when you decide to. An observation however has shown that people start investing in retirement homes before they even retire, because they are in some sense aware of the multitude of benefits that come with it. Apart from a financial perspective, we believe that the satisfaction one gets knowing that they have a safe and secure home waiting for them towards their golden phase is a truly satisfactory feeling.

Safe and secure environment

Retirement communities and homes are undoubtedly the safest option for senior citizens in the current landscape. Despite being equipped with ample security, retirement homes these days are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. When designing Pavithram, we ourselves deep dived into the various security systems for senior citizens. Apart from just systems, most homes also deploy security personnel for round the clock security.

Senior friendly amenities

Like one child-proofs the house before the coming of a baby, the circle of life requires that a facility is equipped with senior-friendly amenities for a seamless experience. Starting from railings at entrances, wide doors for easy access, bath stools, shower bars and emergency hooters, the minutest of details are important when assuring safety, security and ease of living. In addition, retirement homes ensure that the best of amenities are tailor-made to assist senior citizens lead their life in the most convenient way possible.

Need not be fully dependent on children

Senior citizens are more self-sufficient than ever. They save smart and save early to ensure they are not dependent on anyone at later stages in life. With retirement homes, senior citizens get a sense of independence and are self sufficient. Living independently not only gives one a high morale boost but is a truly liberating feeling that lets you enjoy each moment of life, the way one wants.

Increasing popularity and demand

Circling back to the fact that retirement homes are now being openly discussed and embraced, the future of these community homes Is bright and there will be a surge in demand as the concept becomes more popular and embraced by the senior citizens of today.

Retirement homes are no longer seen as a facility for the old and lonely but for the truly empowered and wise senior citizens who embrace a more relaxed way of life. It is a smart move to invest in a retirement home irrespective of your age, as the future of retirement homes is going to surge and grow exponentially.