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Retirement simply means peace. After a phase of personal and financial commitments, retirement is a period where one deserves to enjoy life. Having lived life according to the pace set by the world, retirement is a phase where life can be relished at one’s own pace. Senior living homes have become extremely popular because of the calm and laid-back way of life that most elderly people enjoy.


The changing landscape of Retirement Homes

The growing popularity of Senior Living Homes in India can be attributed to more than one reason. The most important reason being - Senior Living Homes are no longer a place where the elderly come because they have no other option; they come because it is the best possible option. The landscape is not limited to the elderly just passing time, but enjoying every moment in the best possible way.


Despite being financially stable, many seniors do not receive the necessary care and attention that one would normally need. More than often, the work patterns require the immediate family to move to a different city and sometimes even a different country. In such times, the need to find companionship and a community that feels like family arises, and retirement homes provide that. Retirement homes are also exceptionally convenient for the elderly because the whole concept is built to make their lives better.

Each day made better

The retirement period is commonly referred to as the ‘golden years of life’. This is one phase of life where a person is free from almost all personal commitments to pursue a relaxed life. However, the need for assistance remains. Everyday routines such as cooking, laundry, and home cleaning might need some assistance given that these are also the years when one is not in the best of health. At Pavithram, we house assistants who are available 24x7 to help the elderly with everyday chores.


Health is the most important asset during your golden period of life. Hospitals in cities might be far off from home and undergoing periodical health check-ups can be difficult to deal with. At Pavithram we have tied up with top hospitals and our residents will receive immediate care and treatment as and when needed.

Safety & Security:

Seniors who are living alone at normal homes might not feel really safe that too with young people not around to take care of them. Most retirement homes resort to having a security system in place to make the residents feel safe and secure. At Pavithram we have 24x7 security as its a gated community.

Advantages of Senior Living Retirement Community Homes:

The concept of senior living retirement communities is rapidly on the rise in India. There are several benefits to residing in a senior living retirement community. Some of them are.

  • People – In a senior living community, residents can expect to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. In addition to finding companionship and an extended family, they can expect experienced staff and caretakers to be available at all times.
  • Daily Routines – Residents will have assistance in going about their everyday routines and carrying out their regular chores.
  • Peace – The environment of senior living communities will be peaceful and residents will have a healthy and beautiful environment to reside and spend time
  • Food – Healthy and scrumptious food are provided to all residents based on nutritional plans. Additionally, any aversions and allergies will be monitored when it comes to meals.
  • Healthcare – Healthcare facilities and on call doctors will be readily available in senior living communities. In addition to associating with some of the best hospitals for 24x7 care, the retirement home also has a 3 bedded medical center with a full-time senior nurse and a physiotherapist
  • Activities - To spend leisure time as enjoyably possible, residents can resort to the clubhouse, play indoor games and take up fitness at the center gym. In addition to these, a landscape garden is available for walks, and a Krishna temple for spiritual time-off.
  • Safety & Security – Safety & security is a very important benefit of senior living communities. The residents will live in a secure environment with round-the-clock security and top-notch safety measures.

Pavithram Senior Living is an upcoming luxury retirement community in Coimbatore. The community is equipped with full-fledged senior living amenities. The community is developed in an area free of noise and is abundant with peace & fresh air. Pavithram senior living is a gated community having around 100 European style villas.

In addition to the numerous benefits like healthcare, security, diet and lifestyle, round-the-clock assistance, Pavithram is a retirement home that believes in making residents feel at home. With the lush green trees, fresh air and the promise of fulfilling days ahead, retirement never looked this good